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Short Stack

You will all learn that I like to nickname the men I go out with. This particular gentleman I lovingly named short stack. He was my first POF date. Short stack was gorgeous, BUT a red flag should have gone up in my head when out of 10 pictures he did not have even one of his whole body…you can all see where this is going. Now, I am fine with short men. The twisted part of me even likes it….but that is for another post. Red flag number two should have popped up when he tried to make me drive to Dearborn to go to a coney island. First off, I don’t drive for just anyone and second, A CONEY! Enough said. So, the time came for our date and of course I had butterflies as I was walking out to his car. When I got in I notices how far forward he had his seat, he was almost swallowing the steering wheel! When we got out of the car I could have fallen backwards. For those of you who know me know that I am not all that tall…well he was a couple of inches shorter then me and was a little person. Yes, you read that right kids. We proceeded inside to eat and have a nice date where the main topics of conversation was death and lots of other depressing topics. When he drove me home I invited him inside (don’t judge me, I felt bad), we watched Out Cold and he got mad at me that I wouldn’t cuddle with him. I don’t know you so no thanks…and I was sure me laying on him like that was some sort of suffocation hazard. Needless to say we didn’t go out again. When I told him I thought we were better as friends he was not happy and barked back that he “has enough fucking friends.” Another one bites the dust…

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