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One-Minute Man, Act 1

I’m sure all you brainiacs can figure out why I refer to this little lad as One-Minute Man ;) Our first “date” took place at 2:00 am…we were both out and I figured, why not…I didn’t put all this makeup on for nothing! And I was secretly hoping he was a bit tipsy, that way I would be extra good looking to him. We met at the 24-hour Starbucks on Woodward, and a cop scolded him as soon as he walked in for pulling in too fast, I felt stupid for him. He was attractive thank God! He was witty, charming, and fully admitted to being a dick. He spoke way too much about himself, but did give me plenty of compliments, and by compliments I mean telling me I look different in person, my eye brows don’t match, and I should never wear my bangs down because they are ugly. Boy was I smitten. He mostly spoke about himself and his work, we were working in the same field so at least I knew what he was talking about, but I still didn’t really give a shit. After covering most of the typical date topics he switched the conversation to sex…what a romantic. That discussion lasted almost two hours and again, mostly spoke about how great he is at it. He warned me that he has a very average size penis, but he knows how to use it (isn’t that was they all say!) and that he finishes fast the first time…was I supposed to be impressed?  The point in the evening where I was taken back a bit was when he, point blank, asked me if I am sexually attracted to him, and if so do I see us having sex in the near future. Again, he was really REALLY good looking…so I of course said yes. After listening to how he was God’s gift to EVERYTHING a little longer we were both pretty spent, so our wonderfully romantic evening came to a close. He walked me to my car, and I was wondering if he was going to put the moves on me. Well, he didn’t disappoint! He started walking away, stopped, turned around, walked over to me and kissed me. I must say that part was pretty great. That kids, is just the beginning…to be continued…

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